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Sandblasting & Painting

SandBlasting & Painting

Also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting is a surface finishing process that involves the use of a powered machine — typically an air compressor as well as a sandblasting machine — to spray abrasive particles under high pressure against a surface. It’s called “sandblasting” because it blasts the surface with particles of sand. As the sand particles strike the surface, they create a smoother and more even texture. In this post, you’ll learn more about this surface finishing process and how it’s performed.
Sandblasting leverages the abrasive properties of sand to create smoother surfaces with fewer physical imperfections and flaws. It’s no secret that sand is rough and gritty. Because of these properties, it’s able to wear away at excess or unwanted material on a surface. Sandpaper, for example, contains many individual particles of sand. When rubbed against a surface, the sand removes some of the top-layer material, thereby creating a smoother texture. Sandblasting works the same way except it involves the use of highly pressurized sand.

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