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Insulation Cladding

Insulation Cladding

We provide advice & services regarding all aspects of thermal insulation sheet metal fabrication including the installation of trace heating and pipework lagging to maintain or increase the temperature of pipework. We’ll do all the necessary heat loss calculations and advise on suitable insulation products including a range of sheet metal finishes. Whatever your requirements we will be able to offer a complete and cost-effective solution as you can see below. Steam Pipe Line, Hot Water Line, Cooling Water Line, Chiller Water Line, Boiler Insulation and Cladding. Boiler and Furnace Duct inside Glass Wool Insulation.

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Our Project

Valued Customers
ClientsProject & Product Details
Master Cola Kamoki
Shed Sheets & Industrial exaust fans installation Area: 10000 sqf Fans: 24 nos (as a contrator)
Dalda Food Industries Lahore
Cold Thermocol & Armaflex with aluminium sheet installation 4000 sqf (as a contrator)
Itihad Sugar Mill RahimYar Khan
4 Year Annual Contract for Hot insulation & GI Sheet installation & Removal Accumulative Area: 200000 sqf, 6 nos Juice Heater Erection(as a contrator)
Fiber Insulation & Cladding 40000 sqf (as a contrator)
Coca Cola Faisalabad
Cold Armaflex Insulation with Aluminium sheet 50000 sqf (as a contrator with MAKSAN TURKISH COMP)